News (7 Nov '05): Jon Zarate has created an improved version called RikaiChan. I recommed installing that version instead until I can incorporate the changes (which with my current schedule may be never). See my programming blog entry for more information.

Firstly, in case you got here via a direct link, RikaiXUL requires the Firefox browser, both to install and to run. Currently tested on versions: 1.0.
Click here to install Rikai v0.4 from

After installation, you should have a new right-click menu and tool menu. Both of these can be activated on Japanese web-pages. There will be a pause the first time each session for the loading of dictionaries into memory.
Once initialized, you should be able to mouseover any Japanese character in the frame. Rikaixul will attempt to display all matches from that character forward, longest match first. Currently clicking the middle or right button on a charater pops up some kanji info--I plan to change how this works though as it is not very portable (e.g., the Mac has no second button ;))
This version combines code from the previous (very different) rikaixul with the new popup code released under GPL on Rikai. Hopefully improvements can flow both ways.
Please use the mailing lists for reports of any problems.

The rikaixul project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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